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Characteristics of the bus A093 (E1,E2,E3,E4,E5)

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General information
Use Carriage of passengers in cities
Warranty, years 2
Guarantee, thousand km. 100
Main characteristics
Wheel formula 4х2
Length / width / height considering the air conditioner, mm 8210/2400/2850
Wheelbase, mm 3815
Front / rear track, mm 1680/1650
Ground clearance, mm 160
Step height above the ground, mm 360
Gross weight, kg 8750
Curb weight, kg 5250
Load on front / rear axle 2970/5780
The luggage compartment, m3 None
Turning radius, m 8
Gradeability % 20
Aggregates average resource, km 1 000 000
Fuel tank capacity, l 100
Manufacturer ISUZU
Type Diesel
Location Front, longitudinal
Cooling system Liquid
Prestarting heater HYDRONIK or WEBASTO
Manufacturer ISUZU
Type mechanical, synchronized
Front axle ISUZU
Rear axle ISUZU
Manufacturer ISUZU
Power steering servo Set
Front suspension dependent, leaf spring, with double-acting telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar resistance
Rear suspension dependent, leaf spring with two pneumatic springs and double acting shock absorbers
Discs 6х17,5
Tyres 215/75 R17,5
Brake system
Main brake system with amplifier
Parking brake system mechanic, with drum brake mechanism in force on the transmission
Assisting brake system gasdynamical on the exhaust line
Emergency brake system joint with each contour of working brake system
Type Bearing body, wagon-type
Number of doors for passengers 2
Door height, mm 2000
Width of doorways (total), mm 650
Characteristics of interior three-lane
Full Passenger capacity, pass 49+1
Number of seats 24+1
Interior height, mm 1950
Heating System Auxiliary heater included in the cooling system
Ventilation system Supply and exhaust through the vents and hatches
Seat type Semisoft type

Modifications A093 (E1,E2,E3,E4,E5)

Modification A09301 A09302 A09304 A09306
Engine Type Diesel Diesel, turbocharged Diesel, common rail, turbocharged Diesel, common rail, turbocharged
Environmental compliance EURO-1 EURO-2 EURO-3 EURO-4, EURO-5
Number of cylinders and disposition 4, inline 4, inline 4, inline 4, inline
Engine displacement, l 4,570 4,570 5,193 5,193
Power, kW (hp)/rpm 89(121)/3200 89(121)/2850 129(174)/2600 114(154)/2600
Torque Nm (kgs.m)/rpm 304(30,9)/1600 325(31)/1800 500(51)/1500 419/1600-2600
Fuel consumption at full load, l/100km 19 19 16,5 16,5
Maximum speed, km/h 75 90 105 105
Acceleration time to 60 km/h, sec 35 35 35 35
Transmission ISUZU MYY5T, mech, 5-speed ISUZU MYY5T, mech, 5-speed ISUZU MZZ6U, mech, 6-speed ISUZU MYY6S, mech, 6-speed
Steering with vacuum steering servo wirh hydraulic steering servo wirh hydraulic steering servo wirh hydraulic steering servo
Main brake system with vacuum booster hydraulic, with booster, two-circled hydraulic, with booster, two-circled hydraulic, with booster, two-circled
ABS none set set set

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