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Characteristics of the bus А09620 (E4,E5)

Tourist bus «АТАМАN» А096, с based on Isuzu units,it gives maximum level of comfort for passengers on intercity routes. Due to the modern design solutions this bus will allow to minimize cost of passenger-kilometer without losing it's reliability.

Model base components:
Auxiliary heater
Air conditioner
Shelves with individual air cooling and lighting
19" monitor
Luggage trunk volume - 3,8m3

Optional equipment:
Reverse camera
Wireless internet with 3G modem

Main characteristics
Overall dimensions, mm
Length, mm 8810
Width, mm 2440
Height, mm 3330
Wheelbase, mm 4500
Front track, mm 1896
Rear track, mm 1650
Curb weight, kg 7300
Gross weight, kg 10200
Performance indicators  
Maximum speed fith full load, km/h 120
Fuel consumption fith full load, l/100 kм 18,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 170
Minimal turning radius, m 12,5
Passenger capacity, pass  
Number of seats 35
Full capacity (with driver) 35+1
Manufacturer ISUZU
Type Diesel, common rail, four-stroke, with turbocharger and intercooler, overhead camshaft and liquid cooling
Environmental compliance Е-4,Е-5
Engine displacement, sm33 5193
Power, kW (hp)/rpm 139,7 (190) / (2600)
Torque Nm (kgs.m)/rpm 510(52) / 1600 - 2600
Transmission ISUZU MZZ6U, manual six-speed, synchronized in all forward gears
Steering with hydraulic booster
Front dependent, leaf, with double-acting telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar resistance
Rear dependent, pneumatic-leaf spring with four airbags,with four   telescopic  hydraulic shock absorbers  double acting with two body positions
Brake system
Main brake system dual circuit, pneumatic, equipped with ABS
Electrical equipment
Rated voltage, V 24
Accumulator battery 2 x 6 CT 90
Air conditioner Spheros C225, 25kW. With the air supply through the openings in the channels on the side windows, to the central aisle, deflectors individually to each passenger seat, to the windshield to the driver's seat
Interior heating Convector type, with auxiliary heater Thermo E200, with front heater
Audio – video system 19" monitor
Optional equipment: GPS-navigator, reverse camera, wireless internet with 3G modem
The luggage compartment 3,8m3
Seats Soft, with the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the backrest and shifting the outer seats in the aisle, with two armrests and seat belts

Modifications А09620 (E4,E5)

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